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Iran to culture cancer preventing organic food

Iran to culture cancer preventing organic food

(Saturday, April 08, 2017) 00:27

Iranian researchers will start a pilot culture cancer prevention organic food project with the guideline of the Japanese scientist who can cultivate organic food without any pesticides.

Prof. Yoshiharu Fujii, the senior member of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology was invited to present his amazing lecture at the 2nd International Nastaran Cancer Symposium which held last month in Mashhad.
"My basic field is nutritional chemistry and I have more than 30 year's background research in the food industry. Five years ago I moved to Tokyo University to resume my research" Fujii told in an exclusive interview with ISNA.
"As I mentioned earlier my specialty is Allelopathy which is explaining about how Production-oriented agriculture can cause cancer in our society and how we can preventing cancer in a modern agriculture and producing healthy food without toxic substances. The result of more than 30 years study showed that if we want to prevent further cancer, we have to bring organic food to our dishes again,” he stated.
Fuji went on to say that his studies also indicate that with using Allelopathy technic standing against absorbing toxic material would be possible, noting there are some special centers for cancer prevention in Japan but they are not comparable with NCCP center in size and research values.
He emphasized, “With Allelopathy we don’t need to use pesticide or other dangerous insecticides for growing healthy food in Production-oriented agriculture Because Allelopathy does not allow plants to absorb toxic substances from the soil.”
Source : Isna

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